WECU 2010

Memorandum - Web Engineering Education

Written during the
1st International Educators' Day on Web Engineering Curricula (WECU2010)
at the
10th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2010)

Vienna, July 6, 2010

The 1st International Educators' Day on Web Engineering Curricula (WECU2010) brought together people from academia and industry to discuss best practice in teaching, education and vocational training of Web Engineering methodologies and technologies. The ten presentations of WECU2010 covered analysis of more than 10 Web Engineering books for education purposes, presentation and sharing of experiences of different educational program structures, and several approaches to specific topics in Web Engineering education.

After more than a decade of Web Engineering research and education it is absolutely evident that there is a very strong need to strengthen the Web Engineering education by providing a solid foundation to the field. During the presentations and several discussions at the day of the workshop it became clear that the field is mature enough and there are established practices in education and teaching in order to create an agreed set of educational recommendations for Web Engineering. Therefore we aim to unify the educational body of Web Engineering and having a globally accepted recommendation for Web Engineering education.

As a consequence the attendees of the 1st International Educators' Day on Web Engineering Curricula started a Web Engineering Curriculum Interest Group (WECU Interest Group) with the mission to co-create recommendations for Web Engineering education.

Example for these recommendations could include:
  • Constructivist and technology-independent approaches, like processes, methodologies, patterns
  • Reference examples and use case scenarios
  • Text-books, papers for specific topics
  • Links to existing curricula as example, and existing courses

It is planned that these Recommendations for Web Engineering Education will be presented at ICWE2011, are published via webengineering.org and become endorsed by the International Society for Web Engineering (ISWE).

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